Raw, Unrefined, Handcrafted, Shea Butter from Northern Ghana.

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Pogbanu means "women's hands" in the Dagaare language of northern Ghana. In this region, the shea butter industry is run primarily by women. With a deep focus and commitment to responsible and ethical trading, you can rest assured that your shea butter contributes to sustainable harvesting while uplifting the women's social, economic, and financial well-being and their communities.

With more people requiring natural skin, and hair cosmetic products, raw shea butter is a fantastic natural ingredient! Our shea butter is extracted from the kernels of the shea tree Vitellaria paradoxa. Shea butter from this incredible tree is rich in Vitamin A, E sterols, and essential fatty acids.
Whether you're a formulator making cosmetics, shea butter aficionado, or purchasing in bulk for your salon, we have a quantity to fit your needs.

Get started on your natural cosmetics journey while making an impact worldwide. Get your raw, unrefined, handcrafted shea butter today!


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  • 1kg Shea Butter (PURE, UNREFINED)
    1 kilogram of raw, unrefined shea butter ethically sourced from Ghana packaged in a clear standup pouch
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“Delivery was fast than expected. Oh wow the smell alone is breathtaking. I can't wait to start using it. By the way 1kg for that price is way cheaper than the ones I’ve seen in some shops. I will order again soon.” Beata K.

Beata K.

“I have tried a ton of different lotions, potions, and balms for dry skin. Coconut oil seems to sit on top of my skin and made it really oily after application - let's just say you could see your reflection in my face. I was just about to give up and lament that fact that my flaky elbows and velcro-textured heels would be part of me forever, until ... SHEA BUTTER! Not only did this help with my skin's dryness, it also left it smooth for hours without an allergic reaction! I've since experimented with adding essential oils to my raw shea. Let the journey begin!

I'm also a huge fan of supporting women-owned businesses as well as those with an added mission: to help communities grow.

Highly recommend this product to anyone with skin and those who would like to know that their purchase is making a real difference to actual people.” Christine B.

Christine B

“"My shea butter just came in! I love it"

Sonia B

"Your Shea Butter is amazing, so smooth and creamy. I have purchased from many other companies, but yours is the best by far. I will be purchasing again. Thank you for an excellent product."

Shannon H



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