About Us

Welcome to Pogbanu shea!

My name is Selina Asinyeng Delimini. I am the founder and owner of Pogbanu Shea, a purpose-driven business. I founded Pogbanu Shea to contribute to community development in northern Ghana; by sourcing shea butter from industrious women in the region for the cosmetic and haircare industries in Canada and globally.

Unrefined shea butter is a fantastic emollient and abundant in skin-loving nutrients such as Vitamins A, E, and essential fatty acids!

I LOVE and enjoy using shea butter! It is a stable in my hair care and skin care regimen for soft, smooth, and nourished skin!

Fun fact! As a child growing up in Ghana, shea butter was a staple in our household. We used shea butter for almost everything! From cooking to skincare, haircare, and even first aid!

As a social worker by training, helping people has always been my calling. Pogbanu shea allows me to give back to the communities while providing businesses and aficionados like yourself with the highest grade shea butter.

As onwer and founder, I promise to bring to you the highest quality, natural, unadulterated shea butter for your cosmetic needs while engaging in the strictest ethical sourcing and fair trade practices.

I trust you'll enjoy our shea butter.

- Selina Asinyeng Delimini