Wa, Upper West Region, Ghana. The origin of Pogbanu Shea butter.

Wa, Upper West Region, Ghana. The origin of Pogbanu Shea butter.


                               A picture of the country Ghana showing Wa, a city in the Upper West Region of Ghana.

Where does Pogbanu Shea butter come from?

Shea butter is a vegetable fat extracted from the kernels of the shea tree. The shea tree grows across 21 countries from Western to Eastern Africa and is of enormous importance to the people and communities where it grows.

Traditionally, in the communities where the shea tree grows, it is one of the main edible* fats. Some studies have also indicated the medicinal benefits of the shea tree.

But back to our blog's original purpose, which is the origin of Pogbanu Shea Butter.

Pogbanu Shea butter comes from the Wa, in the Upper West Region of Ghana. The Upper West Region is located in the northernmost western part of Ghana. It is bordered by the country Burkina Faso to the north and the Savanna and Northern provinces of Ghana to the south. It has a population of about 900,00 people and Wa is its capital city.

Shea butter processing is a vital enterprise for many women in the Region. Some researchers have even estimated the shea business to contribute to almost half of the annual income of rural households.

This is why financially supporting the women by paying a fair price for the shea butter is extremely important to us at Pogbanu Shea. Our women take so much pride and joy in making the shea butter and are proud and fascinated their shea butter is being used and enjoyed by customers and businesses thousands of kilometers away from Wa.

Fun Fact: It takes about 10,000 kilometers to travel from Wa to Toronto.

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*Pogbanu shea butter is for cosmetic purposes ONLY. Do not ingest. 

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